COMPANY SUMMARY The company is a full Event Resources Production, Event planner and Computer Company geared at producing different kinds of Corporate Events, Special Events and Social Events of all sizes for sales. As an event company we offer services to both corporate and individual clients who sought our expertise in full-scale Production Design, Event Management, Entertainment Procurement, Event Planning or Event Technical Services. The company’s unique combinations of skills are rarely seen in the event industry, the company marries experience in production management with an understanding of the creative and artistic aspects of the entertainment industry. We have the PEOPLE, we have the CREATIVITY and we own our EQUIPMENTS. A total investment of only N5, 000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) is set to cover the start-up costs. The company will serve both corporate and individual customer in Port Harcourt, Warri and Yenagoa/ Bayelsa. The company start-up location will be Port Harcourt giving a room to study customer flow as to decide the actual location. OBJECTIVES: 1. To offer our customer excellent event production and Computer services at a reasonable price and provide outstanding customer experienced service measured at increasing sales growth and less customer complaints. 2. Attract a minimum of 13 customers every 3 months, in the first year of operation. 3. To maintain the standard price, in order to statify our esteemed customer's 4. Generate positive cash flow from operations and at least 10 percent net profit from sales. OUR MISSION: 1. To deliver outstanding event production and Computer services that foster long lasting relationship with clients. 2. To create business partnership with selected firms and develop market driven programs that would maximize profitability. 3. To provide modern computer facility to schools, community, Area’s and all state mansion above. 4. To be the best and leading company in event production, event planner and computing company. OUR VISION: To build a corporate culture that inspires from within and deliver results that satisfy the passionate needs of our clients. OUR CORE VALUE 1. Get People Talking: when people like something, they tell their friends about it. Recommendation has credibility, integrity and authenticity. Our work gets people talking. It is infections like a virus. 2. Engagement is Our Goal: understanding what engages people is the heart beat of our business. 3. Team Work: we act as a team committed to each other, and bound by trust and loyalty. 4. Ideas are Everything: without an idea, there is nothing. Once we have the idea, we consider the best way(s) to present it.


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